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Blog de traducción e interpretación de Ñ Translation Services. Somos un grupo de profesionales con experiencia en traducción de texto e interpretación de conferencias. Nuestro conocimiento de idiomas nos permite transmitir su mensaje de manera correcta y efectiva a través de muchos canales. Ya sea para una traducción de texto o para el doblaje de su video institucional, Ñ Translation Services es su socio ideal.

workshop interpreters Quito

Simultaneous interpreters in Quito for Al-Anon Family Groups

During the weekend of October 14 and 15 we provided simultaneous interpretation for a meeting of  RIASA, the Hispanic American representatives of the  Al-Anon Family Groups association. This is an institution that provides support to family members and loved ones of alcoholics. The meeting was attended by representatives of the United States, who hired us. […]

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Simultaneous interpreters (translators) in Quito for Scantron

Ñ Translation services provided simultaneous interpreters and interpretation equipment for a workshop and conference at the Radisson in Quito, Ecuador. Scantron trusted us to make of their event a fluid seminar in which American experts and executives were able to interact seamlessly with the Spanish-speaking audience. Technical and business issues were addressed during the event […]

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Event interpreters in Ecuador

Are you preparing an event in Ecuador? Do you need simultaneous interpreters in your event? Ñ Translation Services provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in Quito and all of Ecuador. We are also available for travel in Latin America, the Caribbean, North America end Europe. Ñ Translation Services has provided interpretation or simultaneous translation in events […]

Oil industry interpretation in Ecuador: Sulzer Oil Pumps

In September 2013, Ñ Translation Services provided qualified interpreters for a high-level conference for engineers in the oil industry on Sulzer brand centrifugal pumps organized by the company EcuaPet. For this event also we carried out the translation of PowerPoint slides that were part of the presentation of the speaker. Thanks to the collaboration of […]

Simultaneous interpreters for corporate workshop in Quito, Ecuador

From 30 September to 4 October, 2013,  Ñ Translation Services worked with an event agency providing interpretation (or simultaneous translation) to a training session / workshop in the ENAP –  SIPEC, oil company, at their headquarters in Quito, Ecuador. The workshop lasted all week and revolved around high-level management issues relating to the oil industry. The […]

Simultaneous conference interpretation –Nick Vujicic in Quito, Ecuador

Ñ Translation Services provides, among other things, simultaneous conference interpretation. That is, our interpreters convey almost immediately the message of the lecturer into another language. On Saturday October 5 we participated in a large-scale event in Rancho San Francisco in the valley of Cumbaya near Quito, capital of Ecuador. The event was a lecture by […]

The interpreter

Let’s start with the basics. Do you know what is the difference between a translator and an interpreter? Translation and interpretation are two activities that are closely related. Both deal with languages, both consist in conveying in a language what is communicated in another. But then, what makes these two activities are different? In reality, […]

Professional translators

With the rise of the Internet there is no one who cannot play translator. Armed only with an Internet connection you can solve any problem. Do you wish to translate into English an ad for your store? Do you want to translate instructions for your product into Japanese? No problem! Do Although Google’s translator and […]

Legal translation in Ecuador

Legal translations are a delicate issue, whether in Latin America or the rest of the world. In legal translation it is of the utmost importanbce that the translation be exctremely close to the original text. Besides this, we all know that legal writings can be extremely heavy to read and even difficult to understand in […]