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November 09 2016 0comment
interpretation equipment ecuador

Simultaneous interpretation equipment? Options in Ecuador

In this article we will briefly talk about the equipment used in simultaneous interpretation. Interpretation (sometimes called translation) requires electronic equipment in most cases, with exceptions like whispering. We classify our equipment in two categories: full equipment for conference interpreting and portable equipment for simultaneous interpretation for field visits or small meetings. 1 ) Simultaneous […]

November 09 2016 0comment
meeting interpretation Quito CDKN

Language Interpretation for CDKN-FFLA Workshop

On may 23 and may 24, 2016 our interpreters worked on simultaneous interpretation of an important meeting between CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network) and Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano. Members of both institutions from several countries in Latin America and the UK participated in this workshop. The meeting had the double goal of informing both parts […]

November 08 2016 0comment
language interpretation ecuador CDKN

Language interpretation in Ecuador CDKN-FFLA

From the 22 to the 24 of September of 2015, Ñ Translation Services worked again for CDKN (Climate Development Knowledge Network), This time through Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, in a workshop at the Mercure Hotel in Quito, Ecuador. While before we had participated in an international conference about climate change compatible cities, this time we participated […]

November 02 2016 0comment

How do you plan an event with interpretation in Ecuador?

On many occasions we are contacted by clients who have not had experience with simultaneous interpretation –sometimes erroneously known as simultaneous translation– requestienglishng quotes or information. But what usually happens is that in the best of cases they do not give us enough information to make a quote or in the worst case, they do […]

October 30 2016 0comment

Audio recording for events in Quito, Ecuador

From May 6 to May 8 of 2013, Ñ Translation Services provided the interpretation service (known as simultaneous translation) for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in an event that took place at Swissotel in Quito: The Latin American Forum on Notable Instruments of Urban Intervention . The event took place at Swissotel and featured […]

June 06 2016 0comment
testimony interpreters ecuador

Testimony about interpreters in Ecuador

We recently worked with  on an event with CDKN / Latin American Future Foundation. We will be writing more about that soon. But for now you can appreciate the testimony of one of the people who participated in the event regarding the interpretation work of Ñ Translation Services. We worked with portable equipment this time, […]

May 24 2016 0comment
interpreters habitat 3 Quito

Organize simultaneous translation for your Habitat 3 event

. What is Habitat 3? The United Nations Conference on housing and sustainable urban development will take place in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 to 20 October 2016. Thousands of people will come to Quito from many countries. Member States of the General Assembly decided that the objectives of the Conference are to secure renewed political […]

September 20 2015 0comment
document translation Ecuador

Document translation in Ecuador by Ñ Translation Services

Ñ Translation services does not only do conference interpretation. A good part of our work is document translation. All kinds of text translation, really. Most of our work in translation ins in the English-Spanish combination. We also work with French, Italian, German and Quichua or Kichwa. The same goes for our work in subtitles. Lately […]

August 29 2015 0comment
simultaneous interpreting Quito

A testimonial of the simultaneous interpreting work of Ñ

We recorded this lovely testimonial  with Dr. Stephen Chapra when we finished a course on water quality modeling in the facilities of the Water Supply Company of Quito. He was very happy with the  simultaneous interpreting work we did for him during his visit to Ecuador. It is the second time we have interpreted for […]

August 25 2015 0comment
interpreting quito hazen sawyer

Simultaneous interpreting for Hazen and Sawyer in Quito, Ecuador

From 17 to 21 August 2015 Ñ Translation Services carried out simultaneous interpreting for a course on water quality modeling by Dr. Steven Chapra. It was a very intense course, but it was pleasant because of the affable personality of Dr. Chapra. We conducted simultaneous interpreting with portable radio transmission equipment for 25 people. This […]