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April 25 2013 0comment

About specialized translation

During our time in the translation business we have seen all kinds of things. There are people who come to us with letters they need to send abroad or institutions that wish to translate their entire website. There are other clients that come with come complicated problesm, like incorrect translations that require proofreading or a […]

April 15 2013 0comment
Ñ Translation Services - interpreters and translators

Translation, interpreters, and subtitles in Ecuador, 2013

What has Ñ Translation Services been doing lately?  Well, we have had many varied jobs so far in 2013. Several clients have contacted us through the Internet and by phone to find out about our services and ask us for a quote. In subtitling, we recently worked for a Bible school who recently obtained a […]

March 07 2013 0comment

Subtitles for film and video in Quito, Ecuador

Acting in a film not only means learning some dialogue and speaking it. The best actors are those who manage to play a character and give it its own unique air. The gestures, postures and speech are details that separate the great performances from the rest. That’s why watching a dubbed film loses much of […]

February 18 2013 0comment
Ñ Translation Services - interpreters and translators

The letter Ñ

For many, the letter Ñ is so important that it has become a symbol of hispanity, (which is why we chose it as part of our name and logo) and a symbol against the advance of foreign languages in Latin America and Spain. The funny thing is that, although most people believe that the ñ […]

February 07 2013 0comment
interpreters ecuador

Interpretation (simultaneous translation) and its difficulties

Nowadays conferences with international speakers are very common. The demand for training courses, workshops and conferences has risen enormously. With these kinds of events, the demand for interpreters, also known as simultaneous translators, has also increased. Interpretation has the peculiarity that the speaker’s message is transmitted immediately in the language required by the audience, lagging […]

December 21 2012 0comment
website translation

Ñ Translation Services testimonial: website translation

A much-needed task lately is website translation. A similar service is “localization” , when a company wishes to create a website or software or any other communicational material with “local content”, and obviously in the domestic language. Cartopel, a cardboard manufacturing company, gave us the text they wished to include in their website to be […]

December 21 2012 0comment

Human vs. automated translator

Translating a text could seem at first as a simple thing. With an adequate knowledge of both languages, it is just a matter of replacing each word with its equivalent, right? Many automated translator programs have been created with this logic, many of them on the internet. Although the usefulness of these tools cannot be […]

December 09 2012 0comment

Terrible Movie Title Translations

Who is responsible for those horribly translated titles used when promoting and distributing films worldwide? Is it because of movie executives? Is it because of the advertising agency hired for the film? These are questions for another time. For now, let’s just enjoy the strange translations that are sometimes applied to film titles, even those […]

November 17 2012 0comment

The Quiet Trade of the Proofreader

María del Pilar Cobo is a founding member of the Ecuadorian Asociation of Proofreaders (Acorte). She has a column on the Spanish language, “De las palabras a los hechos”, in Cartón Piedra, the cultural section of the newspaper El Telégrafo. We here share her well-written text “El silencioso oficio de la corrección de textos”, published […]

November 15 2012 0comment

Suggestions for an Effective Text Translation

Once you’ve identified the need to translate your text, there are some things to consider before sending it to a professional translator. First it is important to define whether the translated text is well written in the original language. This is always important, whether you need to translate a contract or you need to translate […]