Our team is made up of translators and interpreters with wide experience and a complete mastery of languages

Marcelo Kohn Intepreter

Marcelo Kohn – Translator and Interpreter

Marcelo Kohn lived and studied in Alaska, USA, for 6 years. He travelled through Europe and lived in New York, dedicated to literature. He then returned to Ecuador to study Sociology in Universidad Central del Ecuador.

He has more than 11 years experience as a conference interpreter and text translator between English – Spanish. He is a participant and enthusiast of the Open Course Ware Movement and has taken courses in Yale, Berlkeley, MIT and Standford in the areas of Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Literature, Biology, Chemistry and others.

Despite having interpreted for presidents and celebrities, Marcelo shuns the limelight and prefers to focus on personal projects like his Philosophy School, inaugurated in 2013.

He had a very distinguished participation in a AIIC professional interpreters course in Quito. He continuously visits Brazil in order to master Portuguese.

Among his most relevant clients we find: Chevrolet, Inter/American Development Bank, JP Morgan, UNIFEM-UNFPA-UN, Schlumberger, Ernst & Young, Xerox, Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Relations, Pfizer, embassy of the United States in Quito.

He is the Projects Coordinator of Ñ Translation Services

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Jaime Villacís – Translator and Interpreter

Jaime Villacís lived for 8 years in the United States and graduated Summa cum Laude with a B. A. in Media Arts from NJCU in 2004. He is a native English and Spanish speaker. He learned Italian at the Dante Alighieri Academy and speaks elementary French, which he learned at the Alliance Française in Quito. He also took part in a course for professional interpreters by AIIC in Quito in 2014.

He has worked as a translator and interpreter in Ecuador and abroad in workshops, conferences and as an escort interpreter, handling such varied subjects as psychology, geology, business and civil engineering.

Among the major clients he has worked with are: United Nations Development Programme, (UNDP) WESCAM, ATP (Professional Tennis Association), World Trade Organization (WTO), World Health Organization (WHO), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), IBM, 3M, and several Ecuadorian Ministries.

His work as an interpreter has allowed him to travel to the United States, Canada, France and Poland.

He has interpreted in major events such as the inauguration of the headquarters of UNASUR with presidents from all over South America, or Nick Vujicic’s lectures in Ecuador with audiences of over 2,000 people. In 2015 he interpreted (that is, dubbed live) the broadcast of the Oscars for RTS  TV station in Ecuador.

He works as  interpreter, translator and communications director with Ñ Translation Services and he is also a professional photographer and filmmaker.

You can find more information about him in his Linkedin Interpreter Profile.

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Maria Patricia Ordoñez

María Patricia Ordoñez obtained a degree in Anthropology from Universidad Católica del Ecuador, a Diploma in Forensic Anthropology and human Identification from Michigan State University, and a Masters Degree in Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology from Cranfield University, UK.

She has worked as a freelance English Teacher  and in benedict School of Languages in Quito. She ahs also worked as a translator for Study Certeco since 2003 and has been translating text between Spanish and English since 2005.

She is currently studying towards a PhD. in the Netherlands.


Daniela translator

Daniela Ubidia – Translator and Legal Consultant

She graduated in Anthropology at the Catholic University of Ecuador and is a recent Law school graduate from San Francisco of Quito University.

She has worked for the United Nations Development Program in the coordination of the Aliméntate Ecuador program. She works at Asylum Access, a human rights NGO as head of the Strategic Litigation team.

She was a translation assistant in the Agua Santa Solidarity Mission in 2007 and has been translating between English and Spanish since 2010.

Besides translating, she acts as our consultant for all legal translations.



Roberto Ramírez – Spanish Editor and Proofreader

He has worked as editor, researcher, author, curricula drafter and proofreader for the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, the Ministry of Industry and Productivity, SENESCYT, the National Institute of Higher Studies (IAEN) , Edinun, Norma, Santillana, among other highly demanding institutions and publishing houses.

He has won several short story contests and was a contributor of the short story anthologies Los que vendrán: nuevos cuentos ecuatorianos and Nuestros dichosos dichos: manual de supervivencia ecuatoriano. His novel La ruta de las imprentas was a finalist in the Sergio Galindo Latin American Prize 2012 and is being published in Mexico in 2015. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Barcelona in Spain.