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Simultaneous conference interpretation –Nick Vujicic in Quito, Ecuador

Ñ Translation Services provides, among other things, simultaneous conference interpretation. That is, our interpreters convey almost immediately the message of the lecturer into another language.

On Saturday October 5 we participated in a large-scale event in Rancho San Francisco in the valley of Cumbaya near Quito, capital of Ecuador. The event was a lecture by motivational speaker Nick Vujicic in favor of Caminitos Light Foundation, which provides education for underprivileged children.

Nick was born in Australia without arms or legs. He was one of the first disabled students to study in Australia in a common school, thanks to the implementation of a new law. Owing to the support of a foundation, he was able to study and get a degree. Nick graduated at age 21, specializing in Accounting and Financial Planning. He knows what it is to overcome limitations and overcome a childhood and adolescence full of pain and misunderstanding.

Nick Vujicic spreads his message that anything is possible if one wishes, that the toughest limits are not physical but mental self-imposed ones. Nick works with various foundations and has written two books recounting his experience and his message. He is a professional motivational speaker and also receives revenue from trading stocks and options.

Nick talked about being a victim of bullying, how he attempted suicide, how it changed his perspective on life, and about how he began his life as a motivational speaker. He talked about how in February 2012 he married Kanae Miyahara. Their first son was born in February 2013.

Nick’s conference was full of humorous anecdotes and positive energy, and we in Ñ Translation Services were able to convey his message in Spanish with the same passion and enthusiasm.

To learn more about him you can visit his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NickVujicicTV

The organizers were a bit worried that the interpreter for the event could work fluently and with the necessary emotion and intonation so that Nick´s powerful message would reach the audience.- They were concerned that his message could be lost in an interpretation lacking in a diversity of tone or one that didn’t keep up with the rhythm of the lecturer. Although at first they considered using consecutive interpretation, with the interpreter sharing the stage with the lecturer. In the end they decided to hand out simultaneous interpretation equipment to the audience so that the interpreter could do simultaneous interpreting from a booth and broadcast it in real time.

Due to the importance the foundation placed on the event and given it’s scale -2000 people- a process of selection was carried out among some of the best interpreters in Quito, recommended by the company in charge of the logistics of the event. One of our interpreters was selected from among several candidates.

Nick was able to speak freely and concentrate his energy in his lecrure, in his mother tongue, knowing that his words were being interpreted into Spanish seamlessly and wih precision.

If you have an event that requires the best quality in interpretation, a complicated event on a large scale, and you are under great pressure to have everything perfect, do not hesitate in contacting Ñ Translation Services to provide the ideal interpreter. We have ample experience and proven quality in our services.

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